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hatsun agro products ltd

Tamil Nadu, Chennai

It all begins with a single drop... For us at HAP, it all starts with a single drop. Our processes are honest and transparent; and are geared towards delivering a product that is brimming with all things good. Hatsun operates more than 1,100 rural milk procurement routes. These routes have a regular route plan with the timing to pick up milk cans from each HMB/village in the morning and evening. All farmers have to pour the milk before the milk truck reaches their HMB. Once all the farmers have poured their milk, it is collected in cans and loaded onto the trucks on the time fixed for picking up the cans at the HMB. After collecting milk from all the allotted HMBs, the milk procurement vehicle arrives at the Hatsun Milk Chilling Center (CC). At the CC, the milk is tested again for more parameters. Once the milk is tested organoleptically, it is weighed. Samples are taken for more detailed tests and pumped to the chilling unit. The samples are taken for detailed testing. Once all the vehicles have arrived and all the milk is transferred for chilling, the samples are taken for testing. After the tests are completed and the suitability of the entire CCs milk is confirmed to meet Hatsun's strict quality norms, the milk is loaded into a milk tanker and sent to the dairy. At the dairy the milk is put through more tests before taking it up for further processing. In order to get adequate quantity and quality of milk (as per the rigorous QA norms), Hatsun undertakes a series of measures to help the farmers. Some of the measures taken are as follows: A new and advanced process of procuring and chilling the milk at the village level using ABC (Active Bulk Cooler) has been introduced at more than 1100 locations. This helps us improve quality and retain freshness as the milk gets chilled at the initial stage, starting from the village. Farmers have flexibility to pour their milk (3 hours of milk collection per shift) Instant chilling at Village level within 2 hours (Farmers' milk's quality is increased) Avoiding milk spoilage & spillage Improved MBRT hours Reduce aluminium can usage Increasing HMB in-charge’s enthusiasm

varun beverages

, N/A

Varun Beverages Limited (“VBL” or the “Company”) is a key player in beverage industry and one of the largest franchisee of PepsiCo in the world (outside USA). • VBL has been associated with PepsiCo since the 1990s and have over two and half decades consolidated its business association with PepsiCo, increasing the number of licensed territories and sub-territories covered by the Company, producing and distributing a wider range of PepsiCo beverages, introducing various SKUs in the portfolio, and expanding the distribution network. • The Company manufactures, distributes and sells a wide range of carbonated soft drinks (CSDs), as well as a large selection of non-carbonated beverages (NCBs), including packaged drinking water sold under trademarks owned by PepsiCo. • PepsiCo CSD brands produced and sold by VBL include Pepsi, Pepsi Black, Mountain Dew, Sting, Seven-Up, Mirinda Orange, Seven-Up Nimbooz Masala Soda and Evervess. PepsiCo NCB brands produced and sold by the Company include Tropicana Slice, Tropicana Juices (100% and Delight), Seven-Up Nimbooz, Gatorade as well as packaged drinking water under the brand Aquafina. • VBL has been granted franchisees for various PepsiCo products across 27 States and 7 Union Territories in India (responsible for ~90% beverage sales volume of PepsiCo India). VBL has also been granted the franchise for the territories of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Zambia and Zimbabwe. India is the largest market and contributed ~80% of revenues from operations (net) in Fiscal 2022. • VBL is part of the RJ Corp group, a diversified business conglomerate with interests in beverages, quick-service restaurants, ice-creams and healthcare. VBL’s Promoter and Chairman Mr. Ravi Jaipuria has an established reputation as an entrepreneur and business leader and is the only Indian to receive PepsiCo’s International Bottler of the Year award, which was awarded in 1997.

Vadilal Ice Creams

, N/A

GHEEThe most loved ice cream brand in the country has launched yet another feather in its cap: VADILAL QUIKTREAT Ghee. Owing to its strong linkages with local milk co-operatives, Vadilal group is steadily expanding in various affiliated dairy products like flavored milk (launched under the name Power Sip) , Paneer and Ghee. The VQT Ghee is available in 500 ml (452 g) and 15 kg (16.5 litre) nett. Vadilal is committed towards ensuring the best of quality, freshness and purity in VQT Ghee as well. Available only in Gujarat. Ice-cream We are the people who love Ice Creams, Ice Cream Lovers & People who Spread that LOVE. To make you see a world where Ice Cream is the answer to all your questions is a motive that we strive for. Vadilal ice creams are not only loved for its taste but the consistent high quality standards as well . Vadilal has always adopted the latest and the most suitable technique for preparing its ice creams. The motto behind this is to give its customers the best products and retain a smile of satisfaction and happiness on their faces. Keeping this in mind, a wide range of icecreams and frozen desserts made using contemporary techniques are available. Extensive research and development happens throughout the year. Continuous innovations in terms of products as well as manufacturing technology as well as distribution has enabled us to remain aming the Top 3 brands in the ice cream segemnt in the country. Chemical It is clear that the current natural gas market is working. Demand in all sectors is already responding to affordable prices. Indian manufacturing is on the rebound largely because of the currently affordable and reliable supply of natural gas. At Vadilal Industries we incorporate intelligent public policy that is a necessary part of renewing and sustaining this Indian manufacturing competitive advantage Natural gas is essential for Indian industry. It is used as an energy source and a raw material to manufacture chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals and many other products. For the first time in more than a decade, due to the recent discoveries and development of domestic shale gas, natural gas prices are affordable and relatively stable, especially when compared to oil. In fact, global oil is more than five times as expensive as domestic natural gas on a thermal basis. This disparity between expensive, volatile global crude oil and

MTR company

Karnataka, Bangalore

OUR HERITAGE At MTR we are proud of our rich heritage. Our tradition of food and hospitality began in 1924 with the establishment of the MTR Restaurant by the Maiya family in Bangalore. This restaurant is a city landmark today and people still stand in queue to savour its unique, completely authentic dishes. Then in 1975, Maiyas diversified into the business of convenience foods and instant mixes. As the business expanded, modernization and state-of-art facilities, including dedicated Lab and printing and packaging facilities, were added. MTR's wide range of products include ready-to-eat curries and rice, ready-to-eat cook gravies, frozen food, ice-cream, instant mixes, spices and variety of pickles & papads, and milk beverage drinks. MTR has its footprints across the globe. To fuel further growth, MTR became part of Norwegian Company M/s Orkla in 2007. For further details regarding Orkla, log on to Culinary secrets have been protected and handed down over the generations and our food is based on truly authentic recipes from their region of origin. Our journey to India's premier, processed food company has been marked by innovation and the adoption of new technology. Precisely, every MTR product will always embody our tradition of unmatched taste, purity and quality. OUR VISION Your friend in everyday life. Brave We continuously challenge ourselves to be Brave - to think more innovatively, to act more boldly, to be world-class. We as Brave people have aimed high and loved to win. We speak up if something is wrong. Trustworthy We demonstrate that we are Trustworthy people, who are professional, skilful and reliable. People can trust us. We keep our promises. We deliver. Inspiring We inspire. We are passionate and burn with a desire to succeed. We innovate continuously. We Inspire consumers, customers, partners and each other. MTR TODAY The authentic taste of India While its history nears the century mark, MTR Foods stands tall as an Indian heritage brand. Today, a popular household name, MTR Foods has consolidated its market leadership in the south and is all set for a strong pan India presence, beginning with forays into the northern, western and eastern regions. Going back in time, it was in February 2007 when MTR Foods announced its official partnership with Nordic conglomerate Orkla ( The Orkla global conglomerate comprises four business units: Orkla Foods Nordic, Orkla Brands Nordic, Orkla Food Ingredients and Orkla Brands International. While the Nordic region is Orkla Brands' domestic market, it has established strong market positions in India, Russia and parts of Central and Eastern Europe. Post this joint venture, MTR Foods has taken major steps to revitalize its brand appeal and establish its presence in the homes of modern consumers across India. With an all-new brand presence and a unique brand identity, MTR Foods seeks to own the instant food category in the rest of India; with Spices as a constant focus in the southern regions. Keeping in mind the changing consumer of today, MTR Foods has realigned its product portfolio to resonate with the needs of the Modern consumer. While all the items on the MTR menu come with the strong promise of great authentic taste, the products are further divided into Daily Favourites and Tasty Delights. Daily Favourites are the more every day, basic food while Tasty Delights are a little more celebratory and comprise of dishes that act as mood enhancers around the meal table. The MTR of today is your friend in the kitchen and promises to help you serve 'the' authentic taste of India to your family.

Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare

Haryana, Gurgaon

Our GSK Speak up integrity lines are available worldwide to report alleged breaches of legal or regulatory obligations, financial fraud or any other alleged contravention of GSK's Code and company policies. The GSK Code sets out the commitments GSK and our people make to get ahead together – so we can deliver on our ambition in the right way, bring our culture to life and make GSK an exciting and inspiring place to work.